latin influence

Dear Nick, I don't know if you remember this but at the in store signing you guys did in Los Angeles for The Thank You Album I gave you a cd from a band called Soda Stereo the album is called Doble Vida and was produced by Carlos Alomar in 1987. If you don't know much about Latin Rock Soda Stereo is the most influential Latin Rock Group of all time. I have had the opportunity to talk to the drummer Charlie Alberti on several occasions and He told me how the early Duran sound and Roger's drumming patterns where very influential for the development of Soda's early sound. Also another of the biggest act in the Latin rock world today is called La ley and if you listen to there music you can tell it has Duran's sound all over it as a matter of fact lead Singer Beto Cuevas has said in several interviews that Duran Duran is one of his favorite bands, their new CD came out two weeks ago and is titled Libertad witch means Liberty in spanish. So my question is where you aware of these and how does it feel to be so influential all the way in the Latin community. Love & Peace, Good look with the live shows. Mark from Miami Beach, Fl

”I was not aware, but now that you have told me, I will make the effort to listen these albums. I am very touched that such diverse artists have enjoyed listening some the songs we have written. Personally I often listen to different genres of music and have been influenced by everything from Classical to Hip-Hop and Ambient to Doo-Wop.”