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this question is for john taylor: Its very apparent that the great bassist Bernard Edwards was a true influence on your style in many ways in as muchas the entire entity of Chic and Nile Rodgers on the band. Most admirably, during the Arena tours you played Good Times as your solo introduction at the end of Girls on Film. His surprise death must have caused shock to you and the rest of the group. Did Bernard actually teach you how to disco? How did you end up withMr. Edwards Musicman? Would you play with Chic if they were to ask you to fill in on a tour with them? el comadante

"It was Bernard's sound that really drew me to bass. 'Good Times','Everybody Dance' etc.. it alerted me to the possibility that playing bass could be as cool, maybe even cooler, than playing lead- which was what I was trying to do at the time. Meeting and playing with Roger was all the further motivation I needed, and we set our hearts and minds on creating a fully functional rhythm section. Of course Bernard's death saddened me, it still does. The Music Man he gave me as a gift, just simply being nice.. and I would love to play with Chic one day...JT"