jonathan in the tour book

Hi Katy, this is a question for Simon.

First of all I want to tell you how great you and the guys had been in Los Angeles and Las Vegas as I went there to see the shows and honestly speaking they had been the best Duran Duran shows ever, you guys really rock! There was such an energy, such a feeling and now I can't wait to see you in Europe (please do some shows here in Italy!). Well here is the question for you: I have read on the tour book, which is absolutely beautiful, your brother's name Jonathan among the credits, in what way has Jonathan contributed in the realisation of the tour book? I'm a bit curious about it.

Thanks Simon for every amazing single moment you have given to me for all these years. Love Liliana

"Yes Liliana,I have to point out that the thanks section does not only list those who helped with the book itself, but those who've helped us get this show on the road. It's quite simple really, Johnathan is my osteopath i.e. he looks after my equipment. thanks s"