john's playing…

This will be the first time that i have been able to see the fab five in concert. When i was younger i missed you all in the prime, however I have followed Duran Duran throught the years. The question i have for John is this. During your early 80's years you played a Aria Pro 11 SB 1000 in black, and while during the Nororious album, you played a Phillip Kubicki. I have both of those guitars, and i was wondering what your going to be playing on tour, and which one of those you liked better? I have the Phillip Kubicki signed by Phil himself and he asked me to find during the Big Thing album he custom made a bass for you to look like the album. What ever happend to it, did you ever get to play with it? Jason

"At the start of rehearsals I had five guitars i was going to use. The Aria, (which is new, as Aria Japan just recently got back in business), The Kubicki, my Steinberger, my Music Man which used to belong to Bernard Edwards, and a new Firebird hybrid that James Knopp built for me.

As time passed I realised I didn't want to be changing guitars every song or so, and the Aria was playing so consistently, I decided to stay with it for the whole set, excepting one song 'What Happens Tomorrow', on which I play Bernard's bass. John "