info on the new re-issues

Hi, Katy, This is a technical question and really isn't for any of the guys, or even for website posting, unless you think others may be wondering the same thing. I am a little confused about the newly re-mastered editions of 1st Album and Seven and the Ragged Tiger coming out this Tuesday (U.S. dates and releases, obviously). My first question is, will the new release of 1st Album have "To the Shore" on it, or will it be the typical version with ITSISK? lists it as having ITSISK, whereas says it will have "To the Shore." Second, Tower lists two "Limited Edition" releases of both albums to come out on 8/19, and they are more expensive than the ones slated for 8/5. Is this a situation similar to the Rio releases, where the standard release is in a jewel box with so-so art, and the limited edition is in a mini-sleeve with fully restored art? I have both of those versions, but I much prefer the limited edition one. Knowing the answer to this will be very helpful, because it will help me decide if I want to go out and buy the CDs coming out 8/5, or hold out for the later releases. Thanks for your help. Nathan

Nathan - The first album does indeed contain To The Shore and not ITSISK and both albums will appear in limited edition mini sleeves and jewel cases! Also, Girls on Film opens Duran Duran, which is different for the people in the USA who had the first DD album as Planet Earth opens on some copies of the American pressing. Katy