i spy?

Ask Katy

Hi Nick. Were you at an event one evening at an art gallery/studio in South London called Advanced Graphics a few days before the London Forum gig? I think it was Friday the 10th? I was walking past it and I am almost 100% sure it was you there in the crowd.

If it was, I am intrigued to know what event it was, was it an exhibition?

Also... The London Forum show was absolutely amazing!! I was at the front with friends and it just blew us away! SO good to hear and see you all again after all these years! Great to hear (Waiting For The) Nightboat live too!

Thanks Nick. - Geoff Major

“Hi Geoff. We all arrived in London on the Monday before the concert, having flown in from America. So I guess it must have been an imposter! But if you see him again, ask if he can play keyboards, cause you never know when I might need a stand in. NR”