how did THEY feel about the VMAs?

Ask Katy

Dear Katy,this question goes to all members of the band:
First of all BIG CONGRATULATION on winning the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!!! You deserve it and I am so happy for you!!!!Now, after having had a few nights of sleep since the big event, I wonder how you think about the whole thing. In various messageboards, fans complained about the way this award was presented to you. Personally, I think that some things obviously went wrong during the Awards Show, but hey - that's live! Are you satisfied with the way you got the award, are you just happy you received it at all, no matter how it was presented to you, or do you feel that you would have preferred it somehow different? What are your feelings concerning that matter?

Anyway, I am really proud of you and want to say: the other half out there is there because of YOU!!!Best regards from Munich, Germany,Susie

"Firstly, we are obviously all thrilled to have received the Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV. We had abslutely no idea that we were going to receive it this year. We had agreed to give an Award as we were scheduled to play in NYC the night before the ceremony. It all happened so quickly that we weren't really aware of what had gone wrong until afterwards. Clearly, there was meant to be a short compilation of Highlights from some of our videos screened before giving us the Award. It is unfortunate that there were technical problems but during live tv these things do happen. NR"