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*sniff* uhm..Hi everyone.. My name is Emily and I/m a young DD fan (age 13)I live in Sweden so please understand that my english may not be the best!! Right now I/m down with a cold and I/m really bored so I do what I all ways do when Im bored and that is to watch my DD tape I recorded few years back with "storytellers" and "Greatest hits" and videos ETC ETC. my question for simon is: In storytellers you said that you were crazy about a song in the 70:s that inspired two Duran Duran songs. One of them was "Save A Prayer" But you never told us which was the second song!!! I would love to know!//E

"Ok the song in question is "if you could read my mind (love, what a tale my thoughts would tell)" by.....and I want to say James Taylor - but it isn't it's by someone else who's name's just gone completely out of my head.Any way there's this bit in the verse, in fact the "what a tale my thoughts would tell" bit and it matches up almost perfectly with the doodoos in "Hungry Like the Wolf" well not exactly, coz that'd be plagiarism now wouldn't it.If yer intrestdid the S.A.P. bit is the the beginning of the chorus "Don't save a prayer for me now" which kinda matches the "And I don't know where we went wrong......." bit in the not James Taylor song. Geddit? whoosh...s" EDITOR'S NOTE: HE MEANT GORDON LIGHTFOOT, AND THERE IS ACTUALLY ANOTHER "ASK KATY" SOME WHERE IN THE ARCHIVES PERTAINING TO THIS AS WELL.