early nights

My question is about the days of Duran Duran before the band ever got its first record deal. When Duran was still a club band, what was a typical show like? How many songs did the band usually play? How many of those were covers, and how many were originals? I'd love all the details the guys are willing to give on this subject.-- Victor Ward


"We always played for as long as we could, with the first show with Simon around 40 minutes long. As we learned more songs, it simply got longer until we became a little more discerning and started to remove the weaker songs from the set. We really never did a show where we did more than one cover version. In 1980, our choice was "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, which we seem to remember was rather good (if we say so ourselves)...Most of the material in the set ended up becoming the first album, with a couple of exceptions which were heavily re-worked in to tracks that made in through to RIO."