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Ask Katy

This question is for Simon and/or Nick: You two are the only ones who have been in Duran Duran from the first album through the present, and I was wondering if the current buzz about the band gives you mixed feelings about the way things went for the band's past couple of albums and tours. I think Medazzaland and Pop Trash are two of the band's best albums, and the accompanying tours featured stellar performances, yet you didn't get near the amount of positive recognition you're getting now. How does this make you feel?-- The Heavy Metal Cowboy

"Just like all other artists, I feel that success is much more pleasurable than failure. However, both Simon and I are very proud of the MEDAZZALAND and POP TRASH albums. We also enjoyed both of the tours supporting the projects and whilst they did not generate the kind of media coverage that this project has done so far, I am very happy that we created music and played to audiences who had come out to see the shows and continually supported us. NR"