asked again!

Ask Katy

Hello, This question is for Simon and/or Nick. I saw you guys at Webster Hall in NYC and it was a great show, but I was a little disappointed with the fact that there are NO songs played live from Medazzaland or Pop Trash which are the most current sounding albums you have with some great songs on them. I miss not hearing "Out Of My Mind", "Someone Else Not Me", "Big Bang Generation", etc... They are still part of Duran Duran's history so why abandon them?Thanks,Adam G.

"Well Adam, I would like to think that we will play some songs from all of our different albums at some stage in the future. However, I don't believe we played anything at Webster Hall from our third album either ("Seven & the Ragged Tiger"). What we play really depends upon what the five of us manage to agree upon... and I think I answered this very question last month! NR"