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I've noticed that John has a section of his website dedicated to describing the type of guitars and amps he'll be using on the upcoming record and tour. Nick has also commented on the synthesizers he uses. So, my question is for Andy. What kind of guitar/amps/effects will you be using on the new record? How would you compare your sound in 2003 to that of the early records?Can't wait for the new music! Chris

"Main Guitar's:

Fender Telecaster 50th Anniversary re-issue

Fender Mustang

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top The Coffin Gibson 160E Acoustic

Various Marshall amps & cabs, channel patching the amps, Celestion speakers burning, acoustic microphonesVarious combination of Line-6 digital options & valve/analog amplification, re-amping line-6 di-signal via Pro tools 888 into a Marshall JCM & 4x12Mesa Boogie V-twin Pod with: stereo TL Ivory compressors & equalization to create channel paths for the Line-6 input section, before the hard discPro Tools plug in's, never-ending and numerousMOTU Sonic Modulator, Zoom boxes, Frankentone, & Boss boxes, Drawmer gates Mackie 824 Studio Monitors as a standard reference