alex sadkin memories

Dear Katy, I tried to find on the internet a biography of Alex Sadkin which has been one of the "biggest" music producer during 80s. Unfortunately there's nothing that gives him a significant credit. I'd like to hear from Nick what are the best words for describing this artist that has given so much to music. Also, as a tribute to Alex Sadkin, i'd like to know if Simon has written the lyrics of 'Do you believe in shame". LOVE/Alberto

”Well Alex was indeed a very special producer. He had remarkable patience and great taste. I had the pleasure of working with Alex on both Duran Duran and Arcadia projects. He came with experience, knowledge and was fearless when it came to trying something new. He had worked with many incredible artists, including Bob Marley, Talking Heads & Grace Jones. I am certain that if he were alive today, he would be one of the most highly regarded Producers in the world. I certainly learnt more about production from him than any other single person I have worked with and I miss him dearly.”