acoustic sessions

Ask Katy

Hi Simon! Just wondering...It seemed like during the 90's and up through 2001, you and Warren had a great "aocustic" thing going on. You two would show up on radio(or during the VH1 Office Party when you had technical difficulties and whipped out "Crystal Ship"),just you and his guitar, and it sounded great. I guess my question is, do you and Andy get together and do this sort of thing and, if so, will we be hearing any of you two "unplugged"? Or was it simply something organic that just developed between you and Warren? Thanks and look forward to seeing you live in Milwaukee and/or Chicago(hint hint)! Fan since '81, Michael

"Hi Michael, yeah it was a really cool thing that we did. I'm sure if we wanted to Andy & I could do it too. Of course it would make the rest of the band feel a bit left out, and we wouldn't want that now. s"