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Ask Katy

Hi Katy! Hope you're doing well. This question is for Simon and his book club.Simon--I'm curious about your opinions regarding Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. Are you a fan of  those books? I've read them twice, and I know of people that have read them every year going on 20 years. I've also dipped into the Silmarillion but found it hard-going initially. I know that LOTR has a different flavor than, say, Gormenghast trilogy. Both are kind of dark but Gormenghast seems steeped in darkness. On a lighter note, ever read Terry Prachett's(sp?)Discworld series? Very satirical stuff. Laugh out loud writing. Good when you're feeling down or have a cold. My favorite character is DEATH. Very depressed guy. Do you know of any other humorous writers I could try out? Any books you've ever read that made you laugh? I've got a hard question for you (if you love to read, this is a hard question). WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME? Or, at least, what are your three favorite books. Mine are: 1) Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, 2)Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, 3) Stupid White Men by Michael Moore (a hero of mine) . I've also noticed that you haven't listed any female writers in your book club. Do you have any favorite female writers? I love Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon. And Barbara Kingsolver's work. Thanks for your time, Simon... Hope to hear back from you. Take care, Meg

"Goodness Meg, you have been busy. I'm so glad that reading means so much to you. I'll definitely have to check out "Stupid White Men" - somehow that touches a nerve.I did read LOTR many years back and I do remember almost skipping through the last part, which began to remind me of  one of my least favourite books - the bible. Apart from the journey through the mines of Moria, I always preferred 'the hobbit' - more exciting you know. I couldn't possibly pick a top 3 books. And if you check the READER, you'll see Keri Hulme who wrote "The Bone People" and Eurydice who wrote" f:32 the second coming" are both very much women. whoosh s"