where the devil is tv mania?

Hello there: My question is: Having heard Nick's side project with Stephen Duffy, I can't help but ask when we can expect to hear TV Mania. Dark Circles is high on my playlist of late, along with other stuff like Felix, Kings of Convenience, Baldwin Brothers and MING & FS. Also, have the band heard of Zoot Woman? Heard "Living in a Magazine" on an (electroclash\rash\trash\cash)" compilation from Miss Kittin and they reminded me of 1982 DD. Many regards, David

"Glad you liked "Dark Circles" maybe next time, we'll do "Hexagons." I did speak to Warren very recently and we discussed how to disseminate TV Mania. Not quite sure it has completely matured yet, we completed the project in 1996 but something tells me that next year we may get the seven year itch and we may have to reveal our secrets. I have heard the Zoot Woman record and also Les Rythmes Digitales.NR"