what if nick hadn't been…

A question for Nick. Going back to the late 70's, when you were a teenager, what was it that first made you want to be in a band? Had this ambition not been realised, what direction do you think your life would have taken? Working on the assumption that nobody's life is 100% perfect, Is there anything in your life that you think looking back I really wish I hadn't done that or if you could have your time again you'd do differently? FINALLY just out of curiosity which football team do you support if any ? I just hope with being a Leeds United fan, you don't support the same team as Simon. Thanks Angie

"If I hadn't got in the queue for the music business, then I would definitely have gone in to film. Don't really have any regrets, only how long some Duran Duran albums take to make. As things tend to come in full curcles, i do plan to eventually move in to film someday. I loathe football, so no worries there!"