track order

Ask Katy

Katy - I have a question that I have wondered about for many years now. Who determines the order of tracks on a Duran Duran album? Is it the band, the producer, both, the cleaner or the toss of a coin? Back in the days of vinyl, how did you determine what went on Side A vs Side B? Do you feel the order of tracks is as important as it used to be, given CDs and their random play buttons?? Many thanks, Katherine

" I like the idea of a Cleaner or perhaps the Hotel Concierge of the Ritz in Paris, but usually it was a decision made by the band with input from Producers & Management. We have always taken a lot of care in the order of the tracks because it sets the mood and pace of the album (or cd). Things were certainly different when you had two sides of vinyl to play with because you always view each side as a separate listening experience. Now you simply look at the overall order. There are many factors to take in to account though, including the tempo and key of the songs, lyrical content, groove factor, mood, melodic strength, arrangement, length, how the song starts and ends, and gut instinct. So add all of that up, multiply it by 5 people, let the record company have a say and put management in the middle of the argument, and then the chaos begins! NR"