timing is everything

Ask Katy

Sorry to ask another DD reunion, but until a lengthy magazine article comes out, there are so many unknowns I have to find out. First of all, WHY? No complaints mind you, but it seemed the 5 would never want to get back, especially (but w/no animosity) you John, with your solo music and film career; and Roger's aversion to the potential high profile he may be having again. I wondered if Simon and Nick would pack it in due to frustration with labels, and maybe they would feel it had "run its course" then this happens. It must have been being discussed for awhile. So when did you all say "lets do this !" I also hope to hear some more or your "upfront bass playing" prominent on the early albums. You have always been my main bass influence! Steve

JT says "It really is all about timing, and come fall of last year each one of us independently had been thinking that it would be something they'd like to do... after having the experiences that we've had. You've got to remember, that band never made a bad record - in my opinion anyway - so it's very tempting to go back and see what we can do, all this time later... and it's very interesting. "