tel aviv

Dear Katy, This is a question for Simon. When you played Breakfast with Duran Duran, Atlanta, March 2001, you hinted at the fact that people haven't heard the worded version of Tel Aviv, I was wondering what the song would be aboutand if it will ever be recorded. I love the first album version and think that a worded version would only add to the genius that is Duran music. Glad you all are back together, and never stop making music. Holly. NC USA

"The song is about me being in Israel - and loving it. It was originally titled "On my own in Tel-Aviv". We recorded a version at Air Studios London in the summer of1980 ostensibly as a B-side to the "GOF" we recorded at he same time. Who knows, maybe one day it will surface - I bet JT or Nick has a copy stashed. s"