strange sounds

Ask Katy

Hello Katy, over the last few days I've been listening to duran's early stuff, eg- rio remastered, seven and the ragged tiger, notorious, and so red the rose. I was wondering how the strange sounds you hear on these tracks where produced before the days of digital sampling. And if digital sampling has taken some of the fun out of making this type of music. I suppose this question would be best aimed at Nick. thanks. Pete. UK. ps. can't wait to hear the new album.

HI PETE. THIS IS WHAT NICK HAD TO SAY: "Well...I must say, the sounds you hear on "Hungry Like the Wolf" were a lot of fun to create. And certainly one improvised a lot more with sound effects back then. That old cliche "necessity is the mother of invention" probably played its part. However, digital sampling has given us many more options and undoubtedly changed a generation of music for the better. I have never wanted to stand in the way of progress and therefore, have embraced this technology on each record as it has developed."