say the word

Hey Katy! This one's for Nick: Curious to know what is the story behind the Arcadia track "Say The Word"? In the Film "Playing For Keeps", it seems we hear just a simple demo of the song. Was this track just an outtake from the "So Red The Rose" sessions that was revisited later and remixed for the soundtrack? Was it completely re-recorded? Did Roger play on this one? Too many questions, I know. Thanks very much Nick! Best -Frank

NICK REMEMBERED IT THIS WAY: "SAY THE WORD was a track that existed as part of the original sessions for SO RED THE ROSE. It never reached lyric stage, hence it didn't make it onto the record. We were then approached by Miramax, who wanted a new song for the movie PLAYING FOR KEEPS. So, it was at that time, that we wrote the lyric and completed SAY THE WORD. Several versions were mixed and I cannot remember which one was used in the final cut of the movie. A 12" version was released, which , I think , included every computation. I am honestly not certian if Roger is on that track because we ended up using Steve Jordan on a lot of the songs and sometimes it was even a combination of players."