save a prayer memories

I've always wondered about how Save a Prayer was written. Two things which stand out in all the years which I've loved and listened to the song wasthe opening sequence and the melodic bass line.Where was it written? Did the lyrics come after the song? And who and what started the musical idea--( i.e was John working on the bass line on his own first?? or was Nick on the keyboard one day playing the sequence?? ) I know it was written many years ago. But I remember what a brilliant piece of work it was and still is....Lucio,Toronto Canada

"What I remember about that day is arriving at our rehearsal room at the Rum Runner, Andy playing chords to Nicks keyboard- I think he was already playing the flute-y lead part. Roger and I sat into the chords and the groove wrote itself. Nick & Andy spent considerable timegetting the sequence part right, I can't remember Simon coming up with his melody- but we 'demo-ed' the song at Bob Lamb's studio, which we did with a number of the 'Rio' songs. Most of our first album had been recorded with Bob atone time or another, so we decided to do it again."