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Hi, This question is a general one...I'm thinking Nick but not sure. I play in a band, and we have just recorded a five song pre-release...and we recorded with Pro Tools (some advanced version, I'm not sure which one), and we were amazed by how much it can do, and how quickly recording goes with using it. I say Nick because I had read a few times where he was somewhat upset how long it took to make the Duran albums... Anyway, my question is...does Duran Duran use Pro Tools, or do they record on analog equipment still? Thinking of Nick again, because he had also mentioned how cool it was to play analog keys, if only for the "warmth" of them. You know something? I can appreciate that. OK bye bye 🙂 -brett.

"Well Brett, I can assure you that Duran Duran albums don't take so long to make because of Pro Tools...there is no doubt the Pro Tools system has made the recording process much easier. The only thing I would say, is that it is so easy to do multiple takes of every part, that you often end up with far too much material and it takes a lot longer to edit.

I am far too scared to compare things coming out of Pro Tools to Analog tape. You see, I still believe that vinyl truly sounds better than CDs and undoubtedly Analog synthesizers are better than their digital counterparts. However, we have just completed our first few mixes of the new songs and by putting them from Pro Tools through a Mixing Desk, we seem to have achieved the sound we desire. NR"