old fan checks in & clarification

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, I've been a fan since 1981 and first saw them in 1982 (so after you've counted on your fingers that adds up to - ye gads! - 20 years!) my questions for the band are: 1- about the first time I saw them: it was at the Dr Pepper Pier 42 summer concerts in NY in 1982 - I've still got the pictures! Can you remember what day it was exactly? All I can remember is that it was around John's birthday. 2 - What are they listening to now? Thanks Conchita

I ASKED JOHN "Hey Conchita Wasn't it a weekend? Like a friday? I think we played friday with Spilt Enz in NY, the next day Mann's Music Centre in Philly. I may be way off, perhaps someone out there can confirm this one way or the other. Right now I'm listening to my 'MetaFour' CD, but most of the time I can't stay away from the new Duran material. It really is pretty sensational, if I say so myself. It captures entirely the essence of the band at the beginning, but it's hip and driving. Very exciting! In my car I have some Disco sampler, and Laurie Anderson's 'Big Science'. Working out with UK KISS compilations. John "


"The band played on June 25, 1982 - Pier 42, New York, NY, USA. 'Twas a Friday. All concert dates (well, most anyway) are up on my site.