o, that silly simon

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, First congratulations for everything. Here are my questions: 1. On a Frankie Goes To Hollywood Live Bootleg (it think on 1984), the lead singer Holly Johnson gives his welcome to Simon Le Bon. Did Simon know FGTH? 2. Does he have something in particolar to say, a funny story or a good experience, regarding the Duran Duran exibition in Sanremo Festival in Italy, 1985? I only remember sang with a broken leg. Did he remember it? 3. Is there any video of the Duran Duran live exibition at Live Aid (1985)? 4. What's Simon's favorite Duran Duran year? Thanks for everything, it's incredibile to have the possibility to get in contact with Duran Duran! Regards. Gianluca

"hmmm ok I'll answer question 4. .......1993-4 teehee, s"