music industry in revu

Katy, I've been a DD fan since 1984 and have 2 questions for the band. Back when you guys first formed, the music industry seemed so much simpler (or was it?). Now with so many different tastes and trends, do you think it is harder to make it in the industry today than when you first formed back in 1978/1981. Also, for all those wanting to make it in the music business, what bit of advice would you give, based on the over 20 years experience you guys have. Thanks! Jason

ROGER GIVES HIS THOUGHTS: "Hi Jason-Is the music Industry tougher than It was 20 years ago?-Well it is in the respect that Record Labels have been less willing to take a chance on new artists - giving them time to develop and build a career over a period of time-it has tended to be-'if your not Immediately successful you are out'.I think this is about to change though as labels are realising they need to nurture artists with more longevity and transatlantic appeal.I also think that good quality music will eventually rise to the top and be heard in some form by the record buying public thanks to smaller labels and the internet. My advice to you would be to be completely commited and find somebody that really believes in you and has the ability to sell fridges to eskimos!Roger"