kibbutz memories

Ask Katy

Hi Katy. This is for Simon: Simon, do you have any special memories from the time you were a volunteer in a Kibbutz in Israel? (where I'm from of course) Did you like it here? By the way: Is Duran Duran planning on ever coming back here to perform? Lior Chikotay

"Hello dear,I have many wonderful and strange memories from Kibbutz Gvulot 1979. Too many in fact to mention. So much but think on these few: falling in love with a soldier girl from the Garin; writing "The Chauffeur"; drinking sweet tea with the Bedouin, eating an entire watermelon with my fingers; driving out into the desert on a borrowed John Deere tractor; finding a chameleon on a mango sapling; the stars, my god the stars. My friends Yuval Ginbar and Yael Migdal - happy days indeed.s"