jt's fave football team

I was wondering if you could clear up something for me? On your site there is a picture of you and Simon at Old Trafford (I'll forgive you!). I've just been surfing the Official Chelsea Web site as my favourite player is there now (Frank Lampard), and I discovered that you are listed under Celebrity Chelsea fans. To say I was surprised was an understatement. So John, are you a Chelsea fan or has Simon taken you to the dark side? (and that is meant as a joke!!) With love, Amanda

" I don't quite know how that happened, but I am on that list, and my daughter - who is a Chelsea fan - is quite pleased about it. I like anybody that plays well... you know, if music were a little more like football, just because you like one band doesn't mean you can't like another... I love Man United because they've got so many cool, colorful players, but I just like to see a good game well played. "