john's thoughts on some duran releases

JT: How do you "really" feel about the DD albums -- "Big Thing," "Liberty," "Wedding Album" (yes even that one), and "Thank You?" A lot of us, old true D2 fans think there are some great songs on them,but overall, they are average. Does he cringe while looking at their tacky cover art? Why did they go towards tacky art on them? They really distract from the music, I feel. -ROB

"I'd have to take those one by one. 'Big Thing' for the most part I'm pretty pleased with. I feel that we were kind of up against it at the time, and we delivered something that had a sort of cohesion to it. Although anybody that knows me knows that I was very upset that the remix of "Drug" was put on the record. If you really want to hear the album as it was meant to be, you should check out the Japanese version, which has the original "Drug". A lot of work was put into that track and that, to me, is the complete album. Tacky cover art on 'Big Thing'... yeah, I guess, but it was fun at the time.

Moving along to 'Liberty'... it had the makings of a great album when we were writing and rehearsing it. I really feel it could have been great, but we just took too many wrong turns. It wasn't a great time for me personally, I wasn't showing up, I wasn't committed to the making of the album. Now the cover art - there's one bad ass (in a negative way!) record cover. I'm with you on that one... terrible.

The 'Wedding Album' I think's an important Duran album. I'm pleased with it because it sort of introduced us to another audience. I love the artwork on that, very Robert Rauschenberg influenced. It's my second favorite Duran cover.

'Thank You' wasn't successful on any level really - except for maybe the cover, which I think is beautiful. The wrong songs... I haven't listened to it lately, but having said that I think "White Lines" and "Perfect Day" are two of the best recordings that the later band made. JT"