john on sept 11th

This question is for John: In light of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, have you had any qualms about your solo project bearing the name"Terroristen"? Also, where were you and what were you doing on the 11th when the planes struck? LOVE, Penny

" 'Qualms' is a small word for it! I couldn't possibly use that name again. I suppose it did make me question my motives in using such aword.. I don't know, it always was a little uncomfortable. I won't miss it. I was in London that day. Meeting with the other Duran guys, we were ina Chelsea restaurant when the first news came in, garbled, and we couldn't quite undertstand what was what. By the time we had reached our next meeting in St John's Wood, the TV coverage was coming in loud and clear. We sat down to discuss business and then the second plane hit. Perhaps the most significant world event of my life. I was grateful to be with Simon and Nick and Andy and Roger those next few days. Although I was far from my family, I felt close to them and it was a relief to have the work to be able to channel all our feelings and frustrations into. John "