i think i am sorry i ever even posted the riddle!

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, I have the feeling our Simon's early lyrical influences come from that Master of Black Magick, Aleister Crowley. After doing a little bit of research I came across various words that made it clear to me where Simon got his often dark and mystical lyrics from. I still can't make head or tail of that mind-boggler he gave us although apparently a snake, as a Hieroglyphic emblem in Gnostic and Egyptian, symbolizes Semen(?). So it must be something naughty then! I'm not going to say what all the wailing may imply as it's too rude.But apparently "Man only rises to a glimmer of the universal conciousness. While in orgasm, the mind is blotted out!" Oh yes! From what I understand, "Widdeshins" is a counter-clockwise spiral dance. The number seven features heavily in Crowley's work. Could this be were "Seven and the ragged tiger" came from, not forgetting "The Seventh Stranger"? Also Sanhedralites in "To the shore" were men in a group of 70 called a Sanhedrin. To think that Simon was in his late teens/early twenties reading this stuff is quite mind-boggling itself. Could you also pass this message on to Simon: There is no way Iker Casillas would leave Real for Man U! Viva Real Madrid! Ole-Ole-Ole. Oleeee-Oleeee!

"Brilliant, I am so tempted to say that you're right but sadly you're not. Shame about the goalie I guess it's just another case of wasted talent (teehee!) s"