homework advice

Hi Katy a question for Simon. My daughter Lauren (aged 9) doesn't like doing her homework. She would like to know whether Simon was good at doing his homework, and did it without being asked!!!! p.s. She loved their concert at Bournemouth Dec'00 - she can't wait to see the original 5! Regards Rache

"Well, Rache whether I did or did not do my homework is actually irrelevant. However I have a seven year old who also does not like doing her homework and that's mainly because she finds it difficult and loses confidence very quickly and would rather do anything than say her number-bonds. In my experience a little help from Daddy (or Mummy) explaining and doing some of the work with her goes a long way and before I know it she's taking the initiative and finishing early so that I can read Harry Potter to her in bed. There's nothing like bribery. yours,s"