hit, not hit

Hi Katy Has any of the band ever been unconvinced that a song of theirs would be a hit, only to be proved wrong later?!?!! Likewise, are there any DD songs which the guys would've liked to release as singles but never did? Seasons Greetings!! Dave, Birmingham

NICK SAYS "If you put something out as a single, you have to convince yourself that you believe that it COULD be a hit. Of course, you can never ever be sure. The first two singles from the "Notorious" album illustrate the point in that we put out "Notorious" first thinking we were saving the strongest track, "Skin Trade," for the second single. It turned out that "Notorious" was succesful yet "Skin Trade" floundered. I still think "Skin Trade" is an infinitely better song, but I guess "Notorious" was the one people wanted.As for your second question, there is usually one on each album that we never get to release, that we believe should have been a single. "Playing with Uranium" on POP TRASH , "Femme Fatale" off THE WEDDING ALBUM and "The Chaffeur" off RIO are examples of this."