hearing your song on the radio

Ask Katy

Here's a question that's been bugging me forever! Its for anyone and everyone. Every one of the guys must have been minding their business, strolling down the street or maybe waiting at a stoplight when HARK!... from out of a store or another car it's The Reflex or View To A Kill or even My Own Way (Night Version) or... well you get the point. For me, I can just start bobbing my head. Easy! What do the guys do? Do they think/say:

A. "Awwww no, not again."

B. "Who's playing brilliantly on that killer track? Oh right, its me."

C. "I still wish Nile had used the 2nd take, not the 12th."

D. "After all this time, I still get a rush when people blast our tracks!"

E. "None Of The Above" (sorry, I couldn't resist the reference).

Please clarify: Thanks! All the best: Ethan

"Depending on my mood, ALL of the above! love John "