have a great summer!

Ask Katy

Well, the guy's are all on holiday or winding down from one. Being that there isn't an awful lot of news at the moment - Nick is finishing up working with the Dandy Warhols and is doing promotion for the Devils, John has added some cool new features on his web site (www.trusttheprocess.com), Roger and Simon are on holiday and Andy just returned from his, we are going to close out the summer with a little break. From Saturday August 24th thru September 2nd there will be no Updates or ASK KATY. That means if you send a question to ASK KATY during that time period it won't be answered. So hold off on your e.mails til the beginning of September and hopefully we will have some news to tell you on the band's new label (many are after them!) and the music.

As Duran Duran 2002 would say "Taste the Summer"!