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Ask Katy

Dear Katy.This is a question for all of the guys.I'm 16 years old and my dream is to be a singer, and to be honest with you, famous! I have just been accepted to The stage school of Cornwall, as you know in the Uk.Also to the National Youth Theatre to do a course during this summer. Some of my family is behind me, but some arn't, I am a very head strong person, and am determined to suceed, because singing and dancing is what i enjoy and do best, in my heart this is what I want, but I am trying to make them see this , do you know how I could?Also what would be your advice for some one who is starting out, how would I go about in getting in to the music buisness? Thankyou love from Corrine

"Dear Corrine,at the age of sixteen you've got plenty of time to try out a whole bunch of different ways to achieve your goal. Do the course, go to stage school, form a group even, try writing songs, make mistakes and start again. In other words find out for yourself if you have the ability and determination to match your ambition.Oh, and it's supposed to be fun. all the best wishes and hopes from me to you.wufwuf s"