fellini & nick

hello guys! i'm so happy thinking of you all back in the studio with Nile Rodgers... well, I have a question for Nick, John and Simon, since I have been reading many times that one of their favourite movie director is Federico Fellini, i would like to ask them about the day when they met him in Rome, back in november '89, while he was working on "la Voce della Luna" (The Voice of the Moon). Have you got any special memory of that day with him at the Cinecitta Studios? thanks. salvo

NICK TOOK THIS: "Fellini is certainly amongst my favortie directors. It was indeed a great pleasure to meet him, he was actually in a recording studio where they were scoring the movie. Ironically, La Voce Della Luna is the only Fellini movie I have never seen. It never had an official release in the UK and I don't believe it is available on video/dvd yet. Fellini remains one of my few heros and I will always treasure the fact that we were lucky enough to meet him. He was all the things one could have hoped for."