elvis tv special and vh1

Hi Kathy, First of all, thank you and the guys for bringing www.duranduran.com to this stunning level of interactivity. This is more than any DD fan could ever dream of! Hope Andy, Roger, Simon, John and Nick don't get sick of feeding our curiousity any time soon ;)) My question is -- What is 'Elvis Comback Special'? Nick said this to Simon on VH1 Storytellers after they stopped playing 'A View to A Kill' intro. Simon started explaining what it is, but he couldn't finish because the band went ahead doing another take of the song. Thanks! Alexey

"Yes, it's the TV special that Elvis did in 1968 or 1969 where he wore the black leather jeansuit.The greater part of the show was in the "casual style" and in the round to a well lit crowd. I guess this was to lend an air of intimacy and approachability to an artist who had become more reclusive and distant over the years. He was surrounded by an audience of mostly very photogenic young ladies. You can check it out on vid it really is a seminal piece. s"