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Ask Katy

Hi Katy, This question is for Nick (a fellow June 8 Gemini!) I am a big enthusiast of music on DVD. U2 and other bands have been very progressive about marketing their live performances and videos on DVD for theirfans. I wish Duran Duran would be more agressive with regard to making itsperformances and videos available to fans in the DVD format. I have beendisappointed by the fact that there is no representation of my favourite band,Duran Duran in the US (at least) in the new format. Is there any plan to eitherre-release previous Duran Duran video releases on DVD -- or new material? A liveperformance DVD from the upcoming reunion tour would be a "must-buy" for any fan. Thanks, Tobias

" Hi Tobias, I wouldn't be born on another day! The reason there are no Duran Duran DVDs is very simple. We do not have a contractual deal sorted out as of yet. However, don't worry, we will catch up. We plan to slowly release every live show, music video, documentary, etc with all the inhanced extras and more. NR"