deadsy and jt

Dear Katy, In the liner notes of the latest album by Deadsy, I noticed that a John Taylor is credited for playing bass on the song, "She Likes Big Words."Since Deadsy derives its sound quite obviously from early Duran Duran and other new wave influences, it seems likely that JT may have beenrecruited to contribute to the group's album. Can you confirm this? Also, what does the band think of the upcropping of new groups whose sound is heavily influenced by Duran Duran and other pioneers from the 80s? Will this make new fans of music listeners who are too young to have grown upwith the band but who "rediscover" DD's early work through its influences on new artists, or could it be lost on the ears of today's youth? Thanks! I eagerly await the new album and tour. With love and appreciation for the band, Pamela P. in PA

"Deadsy asked me to play on their album and I was happy to oblige. The band and their producer Josh Abraham were keen fans of the early DDsound and wanted me to play in a way I had not done in quite a while. It was fun. The way that I can best answer the 'influence' question is to say that I am happy to be a part of the great everlasting continuum that is contemporary popular music. It's nice to be an influence on other musicians. I certainly wouldn't be here without the tremendous influence exerted on me by the likes of Beatles, Bowie and Sex Pistols. Love, John"