coming "unplugged"

Ask Katy

Hi Katy! Please pass this one on to the guys... I just finished watching a "Behind the Scenes" show on the Mtv Unplugged series. Many of the performers said how it was very scary being "stripped down" and being so close to the audience. Since you were known for being a mainly "electric band", did you have reservations of going acoustic? And was it scary being so close to the crowd, as some of the other performers mentioned? Thanks!! Susan, aka Dazzleland

"I've never been a great acoustic player, and I tend toward electric music over acoustic, so on 'unplugged' style performances I always feel a little out of my element. However, it's important, I think, to be able to perform convincingly with and without electricity, which is why I did a number of solo acoustic and/sidewalk performances when I left the band. The MTV 'unplugged' was quite electric however and a lot of fun. JT"