carrying on

Hi Katy, this is a question for Nick: in the past decade or so, have you ever had any doubts about the future of Duran or whether you wanted to remain a part of the band? In various interviews from The Wedding Album onwards, Simon and John expressed that they'd had some doubts about the band and obviously in John's case he actually left, but I don't recall having ever heard anywhere that your heart wasn't really in it anymore. In the Medazzaland promo leaflet you described yourself as the 'torchbearer' for Duran and I was just wondering if you were always that optimistic and determined to carry on, even during the not-so-easy times. best wishes, The Pink Disguise

NICK ANSWERS: "I have believed in the creative energy of Duran Duran and certainly the new project we are working on has yet again has managed to capture the essence of what we are about. I don't think it would be right for me to say I have never had doubts, but I have obviously managed to overcome them quite successfully."