alligator sandwiches

Hi Katy...I met a man a couple of years back who claimed that he was once a chef at the Rum Runner in Birmingham. He told me that John Taylor used to come in every day and say 'An alligator sandwich, and make it snappy!' 🙂 . Is this at all true? Also, are there any plans to ever re-release Sing Blue Silver, the video documentary? By the way, thanks for over 20 years of wonderful music and being a part of our lives. Stephen & Carolyn, near Newcastle, UK.

I CAN ANSWER THE PART ABOUT "SING BLUE SILVER" - THERE ARE NO PLANS TO RE-RELEASE IT AT THIS TIME. NOW JOHN WILL TAKE THE REST: "Of course it's true, why would anyone make up something as stupid as that! And yes, it's still in my repetoire (to be used only on 12 and unders). JT"

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