all she wants is mannequins

Hi … i was wondering what happened to the John, Nick, Simon mannequins that were used in ALL SHE WANTS IS ? Were they waxed figures ? Thanks ! Ghyslain, Canada

NICK AND I BOTH THINK THIS WAS ANSWERED ONCE BEFORE, BUT HE WILL ANSWER AGAIN FOR GOOD MEASURE!: "They were indeed mannequins. The reason they were created was because the process to make the video involved a frame by frame shoot. Actually, it took three weeks to film and it was much easier the mannequins rather than us (they don't get grumpy). With regards to the whereabouts of our clones, I must report that they are MIA. the last sighting which was reported to me was by our office manager at the time (1989). One early evening she received a delivery of three boxes; upon opening the first she screamed as she realized it was my head in a box. I can only assume from this that we were dismembered and sadly, I have no clue, who currently possesses my head since we closed down the office."