ahoy – the best?

My question is for any Duran member who would like to answer......What do you consider the best gig Duran Duran has ever played....the one that came closest to perfection musically and gave the most satisfaction. b.j.

JT: "You know it's funny, BJ, because we played a show on the Wedding Album tour at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, and we were opening with "Too Much Information." The feeling I had was that this was the greatest gig we've ever played, and after about three songs Simon's voice gave in, and we had to leave the stage! We came back on and our back-up singer, Lamya, sang "Come Undone" and we did a couple of other things. It was a strange thing, for about fifteen minutes there we were a great rock and roll band. That comes to mind immediately, that experience, but no sooner were we there that we had gone"