a bunch of quessies for Nick

Ask Katy

As a big duranie (I bought every Limited Edition Duran Duran mag in the 80's) I was wondering if (a) do you guys still follow Aston Villa - in the LE mags there is a black and white of you all wearing AV scarves (SAD!) and (b) do you remember the mags mentioned? (c) I missed your concert in Aberdeen (I was away to Africa) and was wondering if you are coming back up to Scotland. (d) did you enjoy your visit to Aberdeen? Regards Caroline Shearer

" Personally, I loathe football, so I guess it is unlucky you got me responding to this ASK KATY cos I do believe there are other members of my sordid crew who subscribe to this bacchanalian culture. So, as you can imagine, I certainly do NOT have any Football paraphenalia in my residence or in random storage units.

Yes, I do remember the Limited Editions. I do believe there are several copies missing from the archives, but not sure of which numbers...As for Aberdeen, of course I enjoyed being North of Birmingham. What could be more pleasureable? NR"