2 questions for JT

Hi John, 2 questions hopefully you can answer: 1) After you left the band in '97, did you miss Nick as you two go back so far? 2) Does music credibility matter to you? Kevin

JT SEZ: "Obviously Nick and I have been partners in crime since we were very young. I'm always happier when Nick's in my life. It's very easy for us to plug in, we know what the other is thinking. But you do get out of somebody's life, especially when you live on the other side of the globe from each other. I enjoy the company, and when we're together we have a good time. As far as press credibility... well, the problem with the music press is it does matter. If you get the right review in 'Rolling Stone' (particularly 'Rolling Stone'), it can really make a difference to the success of your album. I've gotten used to bad press - particularly from the 'serious' press. Duran Duran has never really had good press and neither have I. It would be nice if we do a piece of work that gets rave reviews, but having gotten used to living without it I guess I can get by! "