2 in 1 from nick

Hi Katy This question is for Nick... I seen a interview of you talking about getting a script for playing the role of Andy Warhol,Was it by chance the one called "Basquiat" (1996)? If not,which movie was it that you turned down to play Andy? Thanks with love, Kim

Hi Katy, this question is for Nick: in the video of Arcadia "Missing" there is a picture of Nick Rhodes that it seems a Andy Warhol portrait of Nick Rhodes! Is it true? Or it's just a copy! Bye Fabrizio

NICK ANSWERS TWO FOR ONE "I actually received a lot of scripts over the years askingwhether I would play Andy, but none were Basquiat. I am not even sure if the ones I was asked to be in were ever made. As for the portrait, sadly Andy never did paint a portrait of me, although we often talked about it. I do have some photos, however, that he took of me."