Dear Katy, the girls of Regis College love Duran Duran (Regis is an all-women's college in Weston, MA not founded by Regis Phillbin)! The girls of the theatre department have designated "Notorious" as their theme song, the college radio station play Duran all the time, and the last song they played at the winter
dance was "Rio", which sent everyone and their mother dancing on the floor. What do the guys think of us young fans who adore them? The Regis girls would really be thrilled for a response (especially from Simon). Thanks! -Alizarin

WELL, IT SEEMS SIMON IS EQUALLY AS THRILLED!: “I'm flattered, I really am. Exactly how young are you young fans who adore us (esp. me....tee hee). What more would you like me to say? I love it when you turn up at our concerts in tiny little gymslips, all freshface and cheekily glowing from afternoon activity......Honestly.........I'm not kidding…OK maybe I am just a little bit. What I meant to say was that it touches me that our music still has the power to touch you. Thanx Luv, s”